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Courses in the field of Energetic work, Healing, Awareness and Health

Paul de Leeuw & Paul Buis

Paul de Leeuw

Paul de Leeuw

While working as a nurse, having conversations with patients, I noticed that the cause of physical or mental complaints are often related to emotional events in their lives.

During my study hypnotherapy I learned to see people as a whole of body and mind, the holistic view of mankind. In order to get in touch with possible unconscious causes of physical or mental complaints, I learned how to induce a deep relaxation with my clients. I also learned that understanding and processing the underlying problem has a positive effect on mental and physical well-being.

Because of my spontaneous “paranormal” experiences my search continued.
There was a long way in which I followed many courses in the field of energetic work, awareness and body-oriented Psychotherapy. Because I like to share my experiences and knowledge I followed several teacher trainings.

Besides the individual work in my practice, my partner and I are giving courses and short trainings in the field of energetic work, healing, awareness and health.

Paul Buis

Paul Buis

For 39 years I worked in the IT.

In addition, from an early age, I was interested in spiritual subjects. Besides that, I was searching for everything that had to do with happiness and health.

My own experience of the beneficial effects of massage made me enthusiast about it. That is why I became a classical masseur and aromatherapist.

I attended many courses and trainings in the field of Healing. Studies such as Emotional Body Work, Healing Arts, Family Constellations, Trauma Constellations and many courses and tools of Access Consciousness®.

The Access Bars®, Body processes and the Clearing Statement of Access Consciousness® really appeal to me. These tools help me to become more conscious and relaxed in life. Besides that, they also help me to get rid of traumas without having to go into the stories.

Nowadays I am no longer working in IT. I work together with my partner Paul de Leeuw, facilitating courses and short trainings in the field of Energetic work, Healing, Awareness and Health.